TIFF 2017 - How I met Jim Carrey after the premiere of Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond - The Story of Jim Carrey & Andy Kaufman Featuring a Very Special, Contractually Obligated Mention of Tony Clifton

Another year another festival! This was my second year getting an Industry Pass with JMC Creative Endeavors, and it was an experience to say the least! I had gotten to see a lot of films, and had some interesting networking opportunities, not as much as I had hoped but nonetheless I still enjoyed my festival.

Some highlights included meeting Jim Carrey after the premiere screening and Q&A of Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond - The Story of Jim Carrey & Andy Kaufman Featuring a Very Special, Contractually Obligated Mention of Tony Clifton. I had walked in to the Winter Garden Theatre and sat in the reserved section, by passing the volunteer's requirement that this was for people with specific passes or credentials. I luckily had my pass facing the wrong way and just maneuvered myself into the section, which over the years I've come to understand that as long as you look and act the part you can get yourself into any situation you want. Also it helped that I was wearing a nice black two piece suit.

Spike Jonze, Chris Smith and Carrey himself introduced the film to a huge applause from everyone in the theatre, and to my surprise right before the film started, Tony Clifton himself - or some form of him in full costume sat two seats to the right of me. A rather humourous moment of divine timing - right place, right time - as my TIFF experiences and universal in-tunement tends to provide me. The film spoke wonders to me and was a beautiful reflection not only on Jim and Andy's career, but also the themes of identity, spirituality, and the universal path we take as individuals and performers. In Jim's case - along with all the recent interviews and media's attention to his current state of spiritual/existential being - it captured a lot of who he was, and who he has come to be, and in some ways, his state of not being. Throughout the film you see behind the scenes footage during the making of Man on the Moon. This footage has been locked up in Jim's vault since the film was released and was only uncovered now to have Spike Jonze produce the doc with Vice and director Chris Smith. It was beautiful to see the interview with present day Jim and how he talks about all of the stories of the past, and how Andy Kaufman tapped him on the shoulder one day when he was sitting on the beach meditating, saying, "step aside, I'll be acting in my movie." What came about was not only a seamless performance by Carrey, but also to see that there was no Carrey, only Andy, and occasionally Tony Clifton. It was uncanny, for anyone who saw the film, but also the cast and crew who had to undergo the long, arduous journey that was dealing with Jim/Andy/Tony. Some strenuous moments were hearing production say, "so Jim isn't exactly here right now," "please Andy!" "please Tony!" while trying to get through to the embodied souls occupying Jim's body. One moment in particular was a phone call with director Milos Forman, Carrey recalls and reenacts, "What are we going to do about Andy and Tony!"

"Well," Carrey responds, "we could fire them both, and I can do an impression, I'm really good at impressions."

From silence, "No...I'll keep them, I just wanted to hear Jim's voice again."

How entertaining and exhausting it must have been to be anyone on that film!! To have to witness and experience the incarnated Andy Kaufman, even Carrey talked about, "how far is taking it too far? How far would Andy of taken it?" This film brought out so much emotion but also so much beauty and life into the soul of essentially a misfit that was perceived by the world as a brilliant performer, entertainer and soul of pure joy, this cascaded by the haunting truths he kept deep inside about his cancer slowly eating away at him. The documentary opens up the conversation of how actors can delve so deeply into a character, that, as Carrey had said in recent interviews, "you realize your own character is pretty thin to begin with and there is this separation of 'Who is Jim Carrey?" "

The film literally began to speak to me when being interviewed in present day, Carrey says, "You're given the name Joel, which means the absoluteness of God, and you're given parents, an identity," it was a trip to hear him say that name - and though the connection could have been through him playing Joel Barish in Gondry's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - the fact that he could have said any name to ground his point he chose mine was a sort of "aha! " moment from the universe.

If this wasn't magical enough, after the Q&A where he also pointed out into the audience at me - which was probably more so to the Tony Clifton sitting next to me - before acknowledging Clifton himself to have the audience applaud, Jim stayed at the lip of the stage and shook everyone's hand. After shaking hands with Clifton himself and giving him a card of mine, I ran to the front of the stage and stood to await my moment with Jim. He came up and I shook his hand and said he was the reason I became an actor and how grateful I was to share his energy. I gave him one of my playing card business cards, and said I wanted to give you the Ace of Hearts, he smiled and said, "oh cool this is your card!" as he continued to share time and energy with the other sea of fans in his midst. But by making that face to face connection, gripping his hand and sharing eye contact I can see the joy in the wrinkled lines of his face, the bright light of energy that radiated from him, the same feeling I got every time I saw one of his films on TV or in theatres. He continued to carry that gravitas in his presence, and I was ecstatic that I, and everyone else at the theatre were able to be graced by the gift of his presence.

Spike Jonze had confirmed that the film will be released on Netflix so the world can witness such beauty of Andy and Jim, Jim and Andy, and the connection made by this brilliant performer, the internal struggle he experienced and the reflection of the paths we all undergo on this universal journey through life.

Yoga Conference, Retrogrades, and Beyond

It has been a very contemplative time in my world. A lot of processing of change and cosmological movement in the universe, a true definition of the internal shifting of self. It's been a while since I've written and updated but hope to not let this be a habit. I feel as though the inner workings are defining my highest nature and allowing me to move forward towards the greatness I feel in my heart. So let the words flow!


This weekend I had the joy to help the wonderful Victoria Dunker with her clothing line Fate Designs with her first exhibition at the Yoga Conference at the Metro Convention Centre here in Toronto. It was a lovely experience, and created a wonderful environment to connect and meet individuals of health, wellness and rejuvenation. I've known Victoria for some time now and can't help but be ecstatic everytime I see her art. She showcased her work through leggings, shorts, kimonos all made in Canada with an artistic zeal for a flavour that rivals other designs I've seen in the city. Do check out her site and gear up for a lot more beautiful work to come from her this year!

There has been a lot of movement in the cosmos, and I hope that you are all feeling the waves turning as well. Along with Jupiter, and Venus, Saturn has begun to move Retrograde on the 6th while Mercury stations Retrograde on the 9th, meaning we're in for a heavy rollercoaster!! Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and I have definitely been feeling the inward contraction of the self. A lot of reflection upon my life, my journeys, adventures and where I want to take myself moving forward have all been in someways effected by these themes. Venus on the other hand deals with love, and I've connected a lot with these signs of losing our heavenly feminine goddess to the underwold one too many times. I've connected with many friends who have either been going through tough times in relationships, or gone the full distance in ending a long term partnership. As much as Venus seeks for us explore the true nature of love amongst our relationships, the most important aspect I have learning is that of self-love. In discovering the self, understanding what it is that makes each and everyone of us unique, is the essential process for this retrograde. When we can truly love ourselves for who we are, can we become open to begin loving others again. It is definitely not an easy card to play, or even to fully understand, but the work is happening whether we like it or not. There is an intense need to try and understand and comprehend everything that happens in life, but the more I try to stress about these things, the more that it comes spiraling back into my face. The best way to make sense of it all is to go with the flow. Which has always been my motto, and though at times the waves come crashing hard, I know there is always a rising tide, something to bring you above the surface to see that light shining in the sky once again.

This leads me to Saturn and Mercury, the Galactic Father, and the Messenger of Communication, both going retrograde this week. Now I'm no Kaypacha with those profound Astrological reports I love watching every week, but I can impart some wisdom from what I gain from my spirit guides, and my own experience with the cosmos and the affects they have upon my person. It has only recently that I have been learning about Saturn as the Father of the Universe, that centre of the galaxy that holds things together. In a year I will have my Saturn Return, the 27 year cycle for the planet to return to its original position on the day you were born, and I have been fearful but excited of what may come. From everything that I've read and learned about the Saturn Return has been harrowing, dark, and at times very scary to say the least. Either you pay back the karma from which was started, or you gain the rewards for good deeds done, in short, "You reap what you sow." Saturn, holding those scyths, cleaving the karmic contracts we all hold, delivering the swift justice for deeds good and evil. With Saturn in Retrograde I feel that the necessary work that needs to be done is to reflect as much as possible and do all the work needed to be done to cleanse your karmic records, start fresh and hold a new form to move forward with going into the future. It is indeed a powerful time, not only with all of these planets moving in Retrograde, but all of the shifting landscapes of our ever changing world. The natural world is changing, Mother Earth is suffering and calling for help and healing, for what we have done to her, and as the cycles go, we are feeling the wrath of karma avenging her. I don't like going into depth with politics, but the US had just launched Tomahawk Missiles against Syria in response to Chemical Warfare that took the lives of 85 people including at least 20 children. The nature of warfare in this world and the bloodshed has stemmed from far back, and it is taking its toll with such severity and cruelty, that one must beg to question, when does it end? If Saturn's Retrograde means a double dose of karma, then what happens to the evil deeds of men? This cycle of perpetual torment will not end until every deed lay bare, and cleansed of the darkness. May the light shine through these moments of sorrow, these times of tumultuous turmoil and strife, for we need as much love as possible. Luckily Venus begins to shift into direct motion on the 15th, but that is not until Mercury first takes its step back on the 9th.

I have always hate Mercury Retrograde, I take it personally because it is the planet that governs my sign. As a Gemini, communication and technology have always been the forefront of my actions, and character. When all of this takes a step back I must too take the reigns and hold off on any forms of progress until the planet stations direct once again. For anyone who is new to what Mercury Retrograde entails, think of any form of communication, networking, or technological advancement we have at our disposal, and fry it, break it, spin it on its head. This is the chaos that this retrograde brings, and as much as you want to avoid it, you cannot, something will go wrong, your laptop shuts down without saving important files, you send the wrong text to the wrong person, or your phone takes a momentarily relapse of reason before failing on you for the third time in the day. But let not this dishearten you, don't go hiding in the woods just yet, as this is the ultimate time for reflection. The best time to take a step back and not take things so seriously, because god knows we do so often than not. This is perhaps the best time to do the inner work needed, to pay attention to things we often overlook in the harsh environments of social media, and "real world dilemmas." This is the time for soul work, and even if you are not spiritual, know that your soul is trying to speak to you at this monumental time of change.

As much as we tend to fear change, there is no stopping the forces that are at play, the energy that the universe is using to push you forward to become the best version of yourself that you can be, and that includes letting go of the past. These last few months I have done a lot of soul work, a lot of reflection, a lot of healing, and a lot discovering who I am, and what it is I want to share with the world. Being an artist is tough because you tend to fall into various bouts of depression when your art isn't clicking, and extreme highs of anxiety and mania when you get off on an artistic roll and can't seem to stop. At this point the best thing I feel I can do, and if you too are feeling the same, is to dig deep, really deep, as deep as you can go to find that piece of yourself that demands a voice. I like to akin this to the voice of your inner child, that truth of self, that had dreams before coming to terms with the harsh realities that life threw on to you. When that voice begins to speak, and it starts sharing with you your true purpose, your true calling, than you arrive at a whole new realm of being. Perhaps you have all done this and far surpassed me, but where I'm at now, is still scratching the surface of this nature of self, refining and fine tuning. Spirit work is the hardest work you can do, to be able to come out of the other end of the tunnel and look back at the darkness that was once surrounding you, and welcome the light that now encompasses your soul.

I will end with a high note and say that there is beauty on the horizon despite the strife of all this retrograde doom and gloom. I have begun work on some projects that will demand a lot of attention and focus, and I will continue to keep the flow going, updating and connecting to the world outside of my mind's eye, and share with the online world as much as I can. These months of reflection have shown me the importance of community, for the best way to bring the Age of Aquarius is to connect that love and support with others that vibrate to the same frequency. So expect some talkshows, and podcasts, a music video, and a short film I co-wrote with my good friend Cat Hostick on the horizon. Oh as well, I've got an appearance on Neil Gaiman's American Gods finally premiering on Starz! April 30!

Until then, love and light my friends and family!





Cosmic Star Child @ The Red Papaya, Guelph Ontario March 4th, 2017!!

I'm so excited to share the news that I will be performing live for the first time in a few years as Cosmic Star Child along with Sojourn at the Red Papaya in Guelph Ontario. This is truly going to be a magical experience. For the last few years I have had a song to sing in my heart and have been missing the passion and fire that comes with performing music live on stage, or to perform in front of people period. In the last year I have done a lot television and focus on acting, but know deep in my heart I was born a musician and poet, and can't wait to unleash a whole fury of sonic sound waves with the world.

The theme of rising like the Phoenix out of the ashes has been very prominent to me in the last few years. I have had my fair share of ups and downs, self discovery and finding my own sovereignty to once again enter this world with grace and humility. Cosmic Star Child for me represents the reawakening from the dream we all have in our hearts to shine through any darkness that gets in our way, to become something higher than our physical selves and understand that there is more to this life. We are all part of a bigger picture, interconnected to the whole of the universe, each playing a specific part within that journey, showcasing our unique skills and acts of grandeur.

Within Cosmic Star Child I want to showcase everything I have experienced through my drama program in school, everything I've taken in through my spiritual experiences, psychedelic journeys of the self, as well as opening the minds of those whose consciousness are still in the dark. I have been through my own hellfire and seen the darkside of my soul, knowing full well that when you come out of the otherside alive and breathing, that there's only one thing left to do, and that's tell your story.

I'm so happy to be performing with some beautifully talented people, Brian the Wizard is on keys and by my side through this journey as always, it has been a long trip with this guy and we compliment each other wonderfully. I have had the pleasure to reconnect with an old friend Keely, who lives in Guelph, who had come to visit me in Toronto and jammed with Brian and I. What ended up coming out of those few hours was simply magical, a trifecta of wind - Gemini, Aquarius and Libra all together - that ebbed and flowed with such harmony and grace. Joining us will be her partner Justin on guitar, Keely's old friend Jamie on drums, and if things come together by then, my good friend Matt on bass. There is still lots of work to do, but it will definitely be a trip! Expect some amazing visual projections from my friend Julia Howman, also a graduate from University of Toronto's Drama Centre, which will help aid to the beautiful dynamic of what will surely be an experience that has to be seen live! The bands Old/New and Animatist are on the bill as well as some trip hop and psych-trance vibes being DJ'd in an afterparty lounge setting of the Red Papaya. Come one, come all! Guelph is such a beautiful little city, and I look forward to the welcoming community and energy that is to come!

See you all in March!

Much Love,



Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1842411842692428/

Poster Design by Brian the Wizard.

I Will Write Until I Die

New Poetry Page is online!!

You can also find it under my Projections page.

I have begun drafting a lot of pieces from years of journaling. Crafting words into elegant images and will be posting a lot of brave and bold words for you all. I am compiling my first poetry collection and will post updates as to when it will be available for the world to read!! I am currently in the midst of finding the right publisher to showcase my work, as well as sending submissions to journals, magazines and other poetic avenues to get more words out there. It is an exciting time and I have a lot to share. I do hope you take the time to read, as they are all pieces of myself I give to you.

Here's an experiment of my first photoshopped piece, enjoy!

Much love,


Sonic Vibrations

I've always been a musician, or at least since I picked up my first guitar at twelve years old. I found it the perfect outlet for my creativity. My first guitar was a Red Squier Stratocaster, an Anniversary edition jam pack that came with a little 15 watt amp, tuner, strap and all. I named her Stella, my first true material love, that became more of a spiritual soulmate to me. She became so important to me because through her was where I would seed my emotions, where I would express my inner sorrows, hopes and dreams. I spent many years flooding my thoughts, words and fingers upon her rosewood neck, gracing her fretboard with my musicality, what flows began to ebb through my mind and come out of my soul. 

I played in my first band with her, and evolved my exploration of musical love of the sixties, my sonic vibrations that would pulse to a time I felt so connected to. I loved to jam, I would take myself into other dimensions through the eccentric tones, and sounds that came through my guitar, and ultimately me. Life began to get in the way of my passion for music, I found the love of the stage, of acting, as well as the love for connecting with people, exploring my extroverted nature after many years of introverted isolation with Stella and my thoughts, my voice, my writing, my words. It was through theatre and film that I began to harness my own skills of personal expression to the world, I found that I could be anything and anyone I wanted on stage, and let go of the anxieties and alienation I would feel inside in my often hermetic cave of my room. 

As I grew older and began to evolve not only my personality, but own self actualization, I fell back in love with playing my guitar. I picked up many more guitars as I grew, and found that the love and passion remained, the body didn't matter as long as my soul was ready to give birth to sound. I have reawakened this love, and am ready once again to showcase these skills of my journey, my life, my soul. I can't live without it, because it has healed me, nurtured me, comforted me through my own darkness, opened me up to the Light. Music is a blessing, it is a gift, it will forever be a part of me, and I can't wait to share the sonic vibrations that purge through my heart. 

I will as often as I can post on my personal Soundcloud Page, as well as on my Cosmic Star Child. You can add my Facebook Page here. There will be much love coming through the aether, as well as shows, videos and more! Stay tuned!

Much Love and Light,


Ps. I've been in love with this Radiohead track, and been singing it all week. Thought I'd do a rough little pass at it with the original recording as a backing track. Enjoy!

New Moon Rising

Last night we moved into the New Moon energy of Capricorn. An exploration of steady movement towards fulfilling our passion and our goals. I've talked with a lot of people over the year who have all been in a transitional phase of themselves, for we are always in flux. Depending on work, love, and the various factors that comes with living this life, we are always in a state of change, but with it we must always remain reflective. 

The most fascinating thing about this year for my personal journey has been the spontaneous moments of divinity. I've created beautiful connections with individuals by simply trusting in my path, following the signs of the universe, and allowing my heart to guide me towards places that not only excite my senses, but fulfill me with a sense of purpose and evolution. I used to be very shy and I allowed my introverted self to protect me from the wonders that the world had placed for me. As I slowly opened up, I began to let in the Light of life into my soul and with it I saw many wonders. This came with the intricate nature of what I attracted in my personal sphere. I have noticed at times when I was in lower states of vibration, all of the negative and jarring people, places and things that began to manifest and keep me stuck in a cyclical loop of suffering. 

The Buddha had said that the way out of suffering is to eliminate desire, to free one's self of the attachments of the material world and allow the soul to be free to progress along its divine path. Ultimately I have taken this towards a more grounded approach of not allowing certain limits pull me down, to not allow what is at the forefront of my environment be simply what defines me. I used to be stagnant, letting the days pass me by without exerting the right positive change as I wished to bring to it. Especially when it comes to aspects of creativity, when there is no flow and I cannot create, I feel a sense of wasting the day. But I have come to another realization that that does not have to be so. I now take everyday as a lesson, a teacher and a catalyst for change. For every interaction and moment was meant for me, just as every single moment is intended for you.

When I began to trust in my Higher Self to guide me towards my own truth, I began to see the magic in the ether. I became more aware of my surroundings at every given moment of my day, who has been placed there, and in what purpose are they there to further my journey in life. This is where interactions take place, where we can all choose to limit or open ourselves up to what is placed at our forefront. And this is not simply to say that we must open ourselves up fully to everyone that passes by, for that would be madness haha. No, in a sense, I mean, to be aware of what is in our daily sphere, what signs trigger within us a state of action, a state of shifting ourselves out of our bubbles to interact, and move us. I have been moved by many people this year, and the more I interact with people, the more I see the wonderful attributes and personalities that govern this city. 

I am always enamoured by the love of others, and how they choose to express that love openly with the world. This year I have been thrust into the acting world and have seen myself placed amongst such beauty, with people all putting their hard work, time and effort towards the creation of art. I have never been so happy to be a part of the wonderful projects that came to me this year once I began to open up and trust in the universe, but more importantly believe in myself. There have been numerous times where I have felt depression, anxiety and doubt hinder me into static states of inactivity, stagnation and isolation. I let these feelings and emotions govern my being, and within found myself fall out of touch with my Higher self, and allow the lower realms of vibration to take over, to let the demons swim around my mind, infect me with perceptions that are not true to my health and heart. 

The New Moon encourages us to use this time to reflect, to stay in the heart and not to stress the small stuff. The year has been full of turmoil, death, politics and conflicting views that has in many ways deterred us and steered us upon bouts of emotion and anger. There is an uprising happening, people are beginning to wake up. I have been talking to many about 2016 being the year of the Great Awakening, and seeing it all come into fruition. For as much as the media will try to infect our judgments, shape our worldview, all I can say is stay in the heart, the heart will always guide you to the right place, to steer you away from the negativity and keep your personal sphere in check to what is truly important for your path. We are all meant to live together, and share the earth, but there will be those that will push a false agenda, to instruct suffering, and keep us in the cycle of Samsara. But be resilient, be strong, be hopeful, for we are meant for so much more. For as much tragedy the world has experienced, there is indeed a sense of greatness held within the smallest of moments. I have met people that have opened themselves up to me just as I have opened myself up to them, and shared this love together. We must all find it within ourselves to reflect and focus on what it is we want, to hold our intentions for the New Year, and proceed with the baby steps needed to make our dreams a reality. I am so grateful for the friends and family that have helped me along my journey, and looking forward to all the beauty that is to come in the upcoming year!

Love and Light always,



The Little Rhino

Brian and I used to project footage from BBC's Planet Earth on the wall of my Mom's basement, we would then jam to the intricate natural surroundings of the environment and animals. Following the Viking jam, I hit record on the camera and Chai started to play this beat on the toms, asking what key we're in, "I dunno, we'll make it up as we go along," said the Wizard, and then this journey came about.

I have been playing around with After Effects since uploading the Vikings video and found there were some sweet kaleidescopic overlays, that mixed with some nature footage I found on Youtube, made the jam a little more visually satisfying.


Much love and light,


A Person and the (Fake) Press

Thought I'd share an article that I got halfway through before getting sick to my stomach. This is what's wrong with the world; parasites that bank on the suffering and qualms of the masses, clickbait engineers that hook, line and sinker the populous into false truths for the sake of their own inner turmoils. Quoting one in saying, “You have to trick people into reading the news.” By taking advantage of the folly of your fellow human you create an adverse timeline for them to exist in while they are already distraught with their current worldviews.

As a writer I am displeased by the amount of hate, falsity and monetized rhetoric being spewed across the net, through Fbook (which I have unfortunately become victim of for news and entertainment sources), and expressed by friends and acquaintances in my personal spheres.

One of my favourite JFK speeches entitled, "The President and the Press," ends with the quote,

"And so it is to the printing press--to the recorder of man's deeds, the keeper of his conscience, the courier of his news--that we look for strength and assistance, confident that with your help man will be what he was born to be: free and independent."

"Free and independent" has become bastardized and perverted in our digital enriched age of technology. Those seeking a vocal outlet against the society and governments meant to protect them have been hurt and suffer with a range of emotion that cannot be properly processed or contained, they internally revolt and must vomit out some form of expression that equals the shit they have been fed. There must be an equilibrium, and after years of being fed the same lies, fear mongering and abuse, the people are exhausted, angry and fragile; susceptible to any two-bit writer or news feed that exposes a "truth" that rivals the mainstream media corporatocracy.

I too feel enraged, and just as anyone want to open up my window, and scream, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!!" Which I should, which all of you should, it's our right, it's the least we can do without our heads imploding with fury, but we must hold temperance. We must realize that the fight is not external, but internal, our truths are held within. We have become so detached from Source and our natural organic way of living that we have become zombified to clickbait flashy headlines and compelling photos on our black mirror data centers we clutch close 24/7, which then fuels our aggression centers and riles us up to the point of emotional expression without filter. Be patient dear ones, we have more power than we know, and the time has come for us to express our own truths, our own stories, our own realities.

Look not to the man on the television screen with the suit and the tie telling you how to live, live. Connect with others that share common interests, like minds that devote themselves to ideals that engender the right timeline you want to exist in. You are all co-creators in a world without limitations. We can soar higher than anyone has every dreamt possible for us because we are the sowers of our own journeys, designers of our own destiny.

I look forward to the brilliant stories of truth not expressed on a website factioned by the fears and insecurities of the masses. We are a collective rich with life, fertile with ideas and ingenuity to sustain a New Golden Age of adventure, resilience and strength. If you have read this far I applaud you, I know it is not a quick snappy read to add to the multitude of data and information you intake every social media enriched millisecond, but I thank you for your time, for proving that we are more than two guys in an apartment making up news to subvert the system.

In return I invite you all to join me on a new adventure that houses YOUR personality, YOUR skills, YOUR stories. In the new year I will be launching a new website called #Quite, a collective network based on truth, humanity, and sophistication of the human spirit. Stay tuned as I would love you all to contribute, add, and connect to a platform free of hate speech, fear mongering, and social manipulation. Wherein together we can reevaluate what it means to be free and independent.


Hello followers, friends and family!

Due to an unfortunate technical web malfunction (I blame Mercury Retrograde) last month, my last website was lost with all of the work I had put into it last year. Alas, we move on to new things. Wordpress was junk anyways, and I am thankful for the beauteous design, layouts and hosting that Squarespace has to offer!

I hope this new site provides a more established presentation of my mind, projects and future endeavors. It will also be the launch pad for JMC Creative Endeavors, the artistic company I have been working on in the last year. Though it has been a rough and tumble year, worry not, there will be beautiful creations to come in the new year. I thought I would lay a better foundation with a prettier web presence, and integrate a nicer perspective for viewers to get a full grasp of what I want to achieve.

In the last few years I have planted many seeds that are all steady in growth, but there is nothing more important than time and patience, and I hope you all can bask in the warmth that they bring when in full bloom. I have a lot of Creative Endeavors on the backburner; many pictures from travel, video productions, music, and of course writing - in all forms lyrical, poetic, fiction, and non fiction! So I look forward to sharing this all with you in due time!

Much love and light,