Sonic Vibrations

I've always been a musician, or at least since I picked up my first guitar at twelve years old. I found it the perfect outlet for my creativity. My first guitar was a Red Squier Stratocaster, an Anniversary edition jam pack that came with a little 15 watt amp, tuner, strap and all. I named her Stella, my first true material love, that became more of a spiritual soulmate to me. She became so important to me because through her was where I would seed my emotions, where I would express my inner sorrows, hopes and dreams. I spent many years flooding my thoughts, words and fingers upon her rosewood neck, gracing her fretboard with my musicality, what flows began to ebb through my mind and come out of my soul. 

I played in my first band with her, and evolved my exploration of musical love of the sixties, my sonic vibrations that would pulse to a time I felt so connected to. I loved to jam, I would take myself into other dimensions through the eccentric tones, and sounds that came through my guitar, and ultimately me. Life began to get in the way of my passion for music, I found the love of the stage, of acting, as well as the love for connecting with people, exploring my extroverted nature after many years of introverted isolation with Stella and my thoughts, my voice, my writing, my words. It was through theatre and film that I began to harness my own skills of personal expression to the world, I found that I could be anything and anyone I wanted on stage, and let go of the anxieties and alienation I would feel inside in my often hermetic cave of my room. 

As I grew older and began to evolve not only my personality, but own self actualization, I fell back in love with playing my guitar. I picked up many more guitars as I grew, and found that the love and passion remained, the body didn't matter as long as my soul was ready to give birth to sound. I have reawakened this love, and am ready once again to showcase these skills of my journey, my life, my soul. I can't live without it, because it has healed me, nurtured me, comforted me through my own darkness, opened me up to the Light. Music is a blessing, it is a gift, it will forever be a part of me, and I can't wait to share the sonic vibrations that purge through my heart. 

I will as often as I can post on my personal Soundcloud Page, as well as on my Cosmic Star Child. You can add my Facebook Page here. There will be much love coming through the aether, as well as shows, videos and more! Stay tuned!

Much Love and Light,


Ps. I've been in love with this Radiohead track, and been singing it all week. Thought I'd do a rough little pass at it with the original recording as a backing track. Enjoy!