New Moon Rising

Last night we moved into the New Moon energy of Capricorn. An exploration of steady movement towards fulfilling our passion and our goals. I've talked with a lot of people over the year who have all been in a transitional phase of themselves, for we are always in flux. Depending on work, love, and the various factors that comes with living this life, we are always in a state of change, but with it we must always remain reflective. 

The most fascinating thing about this year for my personal journey has been the spontaneous moments of divinity. I've created beautiful connections with individuals by simply trusting in my path, following the signs of the universe, and allowing my heart to guide me towards places that not only excite my senses, but fulfill me with a sense of purpose and evolution. I used to be very shy and I allowed my introverted self to protect me from the wonders that the world had placed for me. As I slowly opened up, I began to let in the Light of life into my soul and with it I saw many wonders. This came with the intricate nature of what I attracted in my personal sphere. I have noticed at times when I was in lower states of vibration, all of the negative and jarring people, places and things that began to manifest and keep me stuck in a cyclical loop of suffering. 

The Buddha had said that the way out of suffering is to eliminate desire, to free one's self of the attachments of the material world and allow the soul to be free to progress along its divine path. Ultimately I have taken this towards a more grounded approach of not allowing certain limits pull me down, to not allow what is at the forefront of my environment be simply what defines me. I used to be stagnant, letting the days pass me by without exerting the right positive change as I wished to bring to it. Especially when it comes to aspects of creativity, when there is no flow and I cannot create, I feel a sense of wasting the day. But I have come to another realization that that does not have to be so. I now take everyday as a lesson, a teacher and a catalyst for change. For every interaction and moment was meant for me, just as every single moment is intended for you.

When I began to trust in my Higher Self to guide me towards my own truth, I began to see the magic in the ether. I became more aware of my surroundings at every given moment of my day, who has been placed there, and in what purpose are they there to further my journey in life. This is where interactions take place, where we can all choose to limit or open ourselves up to what is placed at our forefront. And this is not simply to say that we must open ourselves up fully to everyone that passes by, for that would be madness haha. No, in a sense, I mean, to be aware of what is in our daily sphere, what signs trigger within us a state of action, a state of shifting ourselves out of our bubbles to interact, and move us. I have been moved by many people this year, and the more I interact with people, the more I see the wonderful attributes and personalities that govern this city. 

I am always enamoured by the love of others, and how they choose to express that love openly with the world. This year I have been thrust into the acting world and have seen myself placed amongst such beauty, with people all putting their hard work, time and effort towards the creation of art. I have never been so happy to be a part of the wonderful projects that came to me this year once I began to open up and trust in the universe, but more importantly believe in myself. There have been numerous times where I have felt depression, anxiety and doubt hinder me into static states of inactivity, stagnation and isolation. I let these feelings and emotions govern my being, and within found myself fall out of touch with my Higher self, and allow the lower realms of vibration to take over, to let the demons swim around my mind, infect me with perceptions that are not true to my health and heart. 

The New Moon encourages us to use this time to reflect, to stay in the heart and not to stress the small stuff. The year has been full of turmoil, death, politics and conflicting views that has in many ways deterred us and steered us upon bouts of emotion and anger. There is an uprising happening, people are beginning to wake up. I have been talking to many about 2016 being the year of the Great Awakening, and seeing it all come into fruition. For as much as the media will try to infect our judgments, shape our worldview, all I can say is stay in the heart, the heart will always guide you to the right place, to steer you away from the negativity and keep your personal sphere in check to what is truly important for your path. We are all meant to live together, and share the earth, but there will be those that will push a false agenda, to instruct suffering, and keep us in the cycle of Samsara. But be resilient, be strong, be hopeful, for we are meant for so much more. For as much tragedy the world has experienced, there is indeed a sense of greatness held within the smallest of moments. I have met people that have opened themselves up to me just as I have opened myself up to them, and shared this love together. We must all find it within ourselves to reflect and focus on what it is we want, to hold our intentions for the New Year, and proceed with the baby steps needed to make our dreams a reality. I am so grateful for the friends and family that have helped me along my journey, and looking forward to all the beauty that is to come in the upcoming year!

Love and Light always,