Hello followers, friends and family!

Due to an unfortunate technical web malfunction (I blame Mercury Retrograde) last month, my last website was lost with all of the work I had put into it last year. Alas, we move on to new things. Wordpress was junk anyways, and I am thankful for the beauteous design, layouts and hosting that Squarespace has to offer!

I hope this new site provides a more established presentation of my mind, projects and future endeavors. It will also be the launch pad for JMC Creative Endeavors, the artistic company I have been working on in the last year. Though it has been a rough and tumble year, worry not, there will be beautiful creations to come in the new year. I thought I would lay a better foundation with a prettier web presence, and integrate a nicer perspective for viewers to get a full grasp of what I want to achieve.

In the last few years I have planted many seeds that are all steady in growth, but there is nothing more important than time and patience, and I hope you all can bask in the warmth that they bring when in full bloom. I have a lot of Creative Endeavors on the backburner; many pictures from travel, video productions, music, and of course writing - in all forms lyrical, poetic, fiction, and non fiction! So I look forward to sharing this all with you in due time!

Much love and light,