King Snake Crawl

Happy to share a new video for The Sun Harmonic (Kaleb Hikele)'s new side project,

King Snake Crawl, and the release of their new EP!

"We Are Not Alone" is hard rocking track about aliens, because they've always existed, right?

Lyrics and melody by Kaleb HIkele, music by Hikele and Alex Walls.

Sound recording by Kaleb at The Townhouse Recording Facility & Sound Studio, Riverdale, Toronto, Canada.

More Sun Harmonic at

Enjoy, and don't forget to stream his new EP now on

Apple Music: + Spotify:

Much Love,

The Quite Team

CDTPS Alumni Panel 2018

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to moderate and help organize a wonderful Alumni Panel talk with some great friends from the Drama Program at the Centre for Drama Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Toronto in the Helen Gardiner Playhouse where it all began. It was such a delight to connect with these wonderful creators, and to see that they are all still busy working on new exciting projects! Check out the full video in our new Media section and make sure to check out the upcoming projects from these fine artists!

Much Love,


The Sun Harmonic @ the Burdock Piano Fest

Kaleb Hikele is an extraordinarily talented singer-songwriter and musician. His moniker The Sun Harmonic released a full length double piano album last year called Winter, which fully encapsulates the sentiments of the season. I have had the pleasure of knowing him for several years and am ecstatic to hear him continue to pursue his dreams and release an album that I have been in love with and still continue to listen to today.

His return to live performance is phenomenal and I got to film his set at The Dock in Toronto at the end of 2017, showcasing the talent and fun filled joy he brings to the stage.

His most recent gig at the Piano Fest @ the Burdock opening for Declan O'Donovan was a real treat as he was joined by Shawn Boyle on the Cello and played brilliantly on a grand piano, a sound like no other. Check out the following clips below, and pick up a copy of Winter to warm yourselves on those cold nights.

Stellar New Atlantis in 2018!!

Welcome 2018!

 Rise like the Phoenix Above the Ashes of the Past

Form the New Atlantis, The Light of Lemuria and the Cosmic Unity of All Beings

We Here at the Quite Network Seek to Setup the Shuttle for the Infinite Frontiers that Await

New Projects Will Grace the Beautiful Landscapes of the World, Inviting Inventors, Intuitive Healers, Technological Innovators and Health Care Practitioners Working Towards Fixing the Wounds of the Old Paradigm, All Coming Together to Unite As a Collective Whole.

Let's Make the Future of Dreams, Shape our Visions into Realities to Exist In


New Logo and Instagram!

Hello Quite Beings!

Just wanted to throw in a few links and updates for you all to show that progress is being made.

It has been an exploratory few months since starting up the new website, and though there have been some slow moments, rest assured that all is leading up to good things!

Add our Instagram page @thequitenetwork where we will be adding new content as the New Year approaches. We are continuing to search for more fellow souls to join the journey of a Quite Life! So go to our Contribute page and sign up for our mailing list. Message us about what you do and who you are! We want to meet everyone and share your work on our site! Let's take this leap into the Future together!

Always exploring new logos and ways to keep the Quite lifestyle going, here's a little sample with background image shot with Brian the Wizard up in Mattawa!

Stay tuned for more magic to come!

Much Love,

The Quite Network

Quite Space Colours.jpg


Welcome Graceful Beings.

May the Light of Life Lift You to the Stars!

Cosmic Star Child photographed by Brian the Wizard in Mattawa, Ontario, Canada.

Cosmic Star Child photographed by Brian the Wizard in Mattawa, Ontario, Canada.

Thought we'd share a little snippet of some photographic magic taken from the Cosmic North!

With Love,

The Quite Network.