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The Sun Harmonic, a longtime Toronto based solo artist, is finally sharing his most ambitious and heartfelt release yet - the complete Winter album, a project that revisits Kaleb's earlier classical roots and love of the piano. This conceptual double-album is a big idea with a simple name, eight winter seasons in the making. With 22 songs at 88 minutes long (yes, one minute for every key) this music is guaranteed to keep you warm each winter season. The album was released privately through a sold out crowd-funding campaign in March 2017.

The Sun Harmonic has shared his music performing live across the country, touring as a solo folk artist to both the west and east coast of Canada. His recordings have aired on various campus and commercial radio stations with rave reviews, while reaching an even wider audience with his signature handmade CD's that have been mailed around the world.

Kaleb is a prolific artist who has maintained a constant output of diverse recordings since 2004. With the release of a self-titled album in 2009, he debuted the name The Sun Harmonic, chosen to reflect how his life revolves around music just as our lives revolve around the Sun on this earth. He followed this up with two full-length LP's in 2010 entitled Chemistry and Season. He returned with a rock couplet called The Eight of Hearts before revealing his ongoing piano project to the public.

In 2014, he reinvented himself in his home recording studio when he faced a songwriting assignment that he had been composing, during only the cold months of winter, for four consecutive years (2010-14'). This lead to his new body of work, an album appropriately called Winter, that features 22 piano songs with one vision. He believes it it to be his truest artistic statement to date.

Kaleb Hikele is an artist who wears many hats; woven from the influence of classical piano and folk-style guitar, stemming from his record collection of jazz, soul and rock vinyl. If you research his involvement in other musical tangents, you will find: King Snake Crawl, The Broadview Band, Hikele's ongoing "Demonstration" recordings and Moon Melody albums. He is always searching for his next recording adventure and artistic outlet.

In the past, a rock musician - day dreaming. In the present, an aspiring piano man - for the masses. In the future, he is a record - forever spinning...