Birthday Bonanza Artist Showcase!

The weekend of my birthday I threw a wonderful celebration, connecting artists I have met during my first year in Vancouver, and it was a rocking good time! I’m currently in the editing process to put together clips from the show, but thought I’d share this little teaser.

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The Sun Harmonic @ the Burdock Piano Fest

Kaleb Hikele is an extraordinarily talented singer-songwriter and musician. His moniker The Sun Harmonic released a full length double piano album last year called Winter, which fully encapsulates the sentiments of the season. I have had the pleasure of knowing him for several years and am ecstatic to hear him continue to pursue his dreams and release an album that I have been in love with and still continue to listen to today.

His return to live performance is phenomenal and I got to film his set at The Dock in Toronto at the end of 2017, showcasing the talent and fun filled joy he brings to the stage.

His most recent gig at the Piano Fest @ the Burdock opening for Declan O'Donovan was a real treat as he was joined by Shawn Boyle on the Cello and played brilliantly on a grand piano, a sound like no other. Check out the following clips below, and pick up a copy of Winter to warm yourselves on those cold nights.