New Face! New Monologue Videos!

I’ve finally decided to shave down my three year beard but as a send off I’ve been working away in my little studio nest crafting scenes and monologues from some of my favourite characters. Allowing an imprint of my look to come off, but explore how facial hair really plays a part in the molding of a character too.

As I shifted into a goatee the first character I have wanted to explore was Bryan Cranston’s Emmy Award winning portrayal of Walter White from Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad. By far the start of the Golden Age of Television. This one scene in particular holds no bars in his decent into Heisenberg!

Though he was clean shaven in the original scene, I worked with Tyrion Lannister’s monologue during his sentencing and trial in Season 4 Episode 6. It was fun to get to articulate and play with his voice and tonality!

As I shaved down into a mustache the only character that deserves recognition is Daniel Day Lewis’ portrayal of by far one of the greatest characters to step into cinematic history - that of Daniel Plainview from Paul Thomas Anderson’s There Will Be Blood. I explored his first intro monologue as well as the final scene we all love - I Drink Your Milkshake!!

Expect more fun work to come! But let that cool you off in the meantime! Have a scene from Her in the editing room coming too, so stay tuned!

Love and Light,