Sarah Kane’s Crave - A's Monologue

So the first of hopefully many videos I am to produce in a string of monologues and cinematic interpretations of text is Sarah Kane’s Crave and my performance of A's monologue, it is now uploaded onto YouTube and I’m super excited to share it with the world.

Check it out and have all the feels!!

This was a powerful piece first introduced to me by Ashley Ann Caggianello who directed it during our time at Centre for Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies at U of T and brought me on as Sound Designer! We had a wonderful creative team along with the most brilliant actors you can imagine. I'm still inspired by them to this very day.

This piece has been on my mind and taped to my wall for the last five years. It's an expression of love, longing and heartbreak, but with that comes a release of hope, growth and maturity. I shot it with a very intimate private approach and hope it resonates with you all as much as it does with me.

During this time of Venus in Retrograde and just entering the sign of Scorpio, relationships have been tested and our hearts are the most important battle we must fight for. Love yourself as much as you love others, don't let the pain linger, but give birth to something wonderful.